Runecast: AI & VMware Working Together

Runecast: AI & VMware Working Together

Runecast at VMworld 2019: AI and VMware Working Together

 Mike Matchett of Small World Big Data and Aylin Sali, CTO and co-founder of Runecast, discussed the Runecast Analyzer, which provides real-time predictive analytics and reporting for VMware-based data centers, ensuring greater on-premises security compliance toward DISA STIG, PCI DSS, HIPAA and VMware Security Hardening, as well as mitigating costly troubleshooting and downtime. Runecast Analyzer earned a "2019 Best of VMworld Finalist Award" from TechTarget in the Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure Platform category for achievements in innovation, value, performance, functionality and ease of use. Scan your data center for free today at



What is Runecast?


Aylin Sali, CTO and co-founder of Runecast, explains: “Runecast is a productive analysis solution for the vSphere environment. We're looking at the configuration and logs of the vSphere environment, NSX-V, Horizon and identifying issues before actually turn into outages. So we're able to prevent any purpose going off situations or any VMDK corruptions or any of the big issues and big troubles that sometimes affect environments and can bring businesses down.”


Runecast’s Unique AI System


Runecast’s AI system actually works with VMware — and Sali says, “It grows all the knowledge for VMware so all the KB articles, best practice guides, security hardening and advisories. It’s able to translate all that data into a machine usable data and then analyze all the configuration points and logs in the environment and identify these patterns that can lead to outages and issues before they actually do, before they actually hit the business and cause an outage.”


Mike Matchett of Small World Big Data says, “So you're learning in turn from the knowledge bases that are being built up by VMware itself.”


Sali replies, “Yeah, that's right. So we basically created a virtual assistant which actually learns from all the sources that we, as the experts and VM engineers, are using to learn. And once it builds this knowledge, it is then able to look at the environment and see what can actually go wrong and help the admins mitigate that.” And Sali says that the AI can be pointed to other technology sources, so stay tuned! The AI has also created automation to take stress off of already busy admins. (See the full discussion for more details.)


On Compliance


People were also asking about compliance at the Runecast booth. Sali says, “We're covering PCI-DSS, HIPAA, DISA STIG, and the general VMware security hardening guidelines. We can help them save time. We can help them be more compliant and also avoid any critical outages.”


Learn More


To find out more information about Runecast’s AI and automation focus, as well as their work on compliance, visit and check out the full video interview here: Runecast VMworld 2019