Quest: An Extended History of Data Protection

Quest: An Extended History of Data Protection

Working With Diverse Infrastructures

Quest is focused on backup and recovery — and simplicity in both. Michael Gogos, product management consultant of NetVault and vRanger at Quest, talks with Small World Big Data’s founder and principal analyst Mike Matchett about the products Quest presented at VMware 2019: NetVault, their hybrid data center solution, and OneStor, their software-defined storage solution (offering multiple use cases).


“Quest has a long legacy in data protection from the backup and recovery side through to the backup storage side as well,” says Michael Gogos, Product Management Consultant for NetVault and vRanger at Quest.



NetVault — A Hybrid Data Center Solution


Quest presented two products at VMware 2019. The first was NetVault. Gogos provides a brief explanation of the product: “NetVault is a hybrid data center solution for protecting anything on a data center from on premises, physical machines, virtual machines, of course, in a VMware environment or Hyper-V or Nutanix hyperconverged environments through to public and private cloud as well, including all of the databases and applications involved.”


Working with Diverse Infrastructures


The target customers for NetVault are medium-sized businesses up to enterprises, and NetVault has worked with a variety of infrastructures over time. Gogos says, “The more types of platforms that you need to protect, the more important it is to have a consolidated and not so complex solution. So that's what we are providing with NetVault.”



Storage Anywhere with QoreStor


Quest is focused on backup and recovery, and QoreStor is a “software-defined secondary storage application,” Gogos says. “It's effectively a deduplicating, encrypting, and compressing piece of software for storing backup data but it's installable software. What that means is that we can deploy that anywhere on a physical server, in a data center, a desktop box, a virtual machine, a cloud virtual machine. And it can turn that platform into an enterprise class backup storage appliance. So we're positioning that to work across the whole industry. So all of the backup software can work with it … You're not limited to a two-year box that's sitting in a data center. Put it wherever it makes sense.”


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To find out more about NetVault and QoreStor, visit and check out the full video interview here: Quest's Extended Legacy in Data Protection