IBM Loves the Hybrid Multi-Cloud World

IBM Loves the Hybrid Multi-Cloud World

IBM At VMWorld

IBM Storage solutions are designed for today’s hybrid multi-cloud world. Their solution effortlessly moves data from the data center to the cloud — and between clouds. Wherever data resides, it must be safeguarded from cyber attacks. Hear from IBM Storage CMO, Eric Herzog, about how IBM Storage helps you manage and protect your data in VMware and container environments.



IBM CMO Eric Herzog talked to Small World Big Data’s Founder and Principal Analyst, Mike Matchett, about data protection in the cloud, the hot topic at VMworld 2019.


Herzog says, “In the data protection space, we have about 400 small to medium cloud bars who expect to protect our modern data protection software as their engine for backup as a service. So that's on the secondary data side. And then all of our primary, all flash arrays can automatically turn out to the cloud, whether it's IBM cloud, Amazon, Azure, we don't care … And in fact, AWS offer several of our products on the AWS marketplace. So hybrid multi-cloud, we're all about it. We've been doing it now for probably three and a half to four years, making it seamless between us, on-prem, and off-prem.”


Herzog continues, “We have announced support for containers, Open Shift, Docker, Kubernetes. (And] two years ago, we started with persistent storage in a container world. And now we're gonna be able to add the things that VMware is doing as well to extending what we already have been doing with VMware on the traditional hypervisor side.”


Container Evolution


“Bare metal moved to virtualization,” says Herzog. “Virtualization is now moving to containers. … There'll still be some bare metal just like there is today. There'll be a bunch of stuff on hypervisor. There are various types — VMware, of course, being number one, but we support all the other hypervisors as well. And containers will just be the next evolution.”


Today’s Data Protection


Herzog says that data protection now needs to be easy for everyone to use. “When you look at data protection, [what IBM offers] is not your grandfather’s backup. You want him at the table to take secondary data sets, you do backup on and give it to Test or Dev Ops so they can leverage it.” To put it simply, combining modern data protection from the traditional backup creates a “cyber resiliency strategy.”


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