Zerto for Zero RTO/RPO

Zerto for Zero RTO/RPO

Zerto Approaching Zero RTO/RPO

Zerto's platform enables RPO and RTO approaching zero, providing tremendous flexibility for data protection and recovery. The ability to decouple the virtual machine from the underlying hardware also allows mobility of those virtual machines in and out of the public cloud or between data centers. Chris Tsilipounidakis, an enterprise sales engineer supporting the Bay Area for Zerto, discusses the platform with Mike Matchett from Small World Big Data, and the importance of flexibility and speed in disaster recovery.



Zerto at VMworld 2019: Continuous Data Protection is In Style


Zerto has been a pioneer in the concept of continuous data protection since 2011 — but at VMworld, many people were talking about the cloud — how to shift from on-premises to the cloud, and how to do so in a cost-efficient way (and then scale as needed.) “Zerto is a great transport mechanism to help customers do that,” declares Chris Tsilipounidakis, one of the enterprise sales engineers for the San Francisco Bay Area, supporting Zerto.


Replication Matters, But Recovery is Paramount


Mike Matchett, Small World Big Data’s founder and principal analyst, adds, “What you've built really helps people migrate workloads and helps people snapshot workloads, build sandboxes. And we've talked about security use cases a lot where we can recover something and play with it near production, because it's replicated. It's almost a near online copy.”


Tsilipounidakis interjects: “It's great to be able to replicate the data, but almost important is actually being able to quickly recover the data. And more than just the data, it's recovering the application stack. So making that application available to the end user very quickly … a lot of our customers are benefiting from those tertiary use cases around infrastructure mobility — So being able to decouple the virtual machine from the underlying hardware and allow the mobility of those virtual machines in and out of the public cloud or between data centers.


… And So Is Believability


When a worst-case scenario occurs, Mike Matchett offers, “It really comes down to believability about DR (disaster recovery), right? Because you don't really want to ever have a disaster -- But you want to have a believable solution.”


Tsilipounidakis agrees, and he says that some of the easiest conversations come from people who are recovering from a disaster. “Oftentimes, it's not just the loss of revenue with data not being available. There's also credibility and productivity aspects of not having data available for your end user. So we try to help with all those different facets.”


Ready to Learn More?


Visit zerto.com or give them a call. You can also download a license for a 14-day free trial of their software. Check out our video interview w. Zerto here: Zerto RPO-RTO