VxRail: Simplifying Containers with PKS on VCF

VxRail: Simplifying Containers with PKS on VCF

Multiple Clouds? Goal--Ease of Use


Varun Chhabra, VP of Product Marketing at Dell Technologies Cloud explains how organizations can eliminate complexity from cloud sprawl by leveraging consistent infrastructure and operations across all their environments, and bridge traditional and cloud-native apps with a single platform based on VMware Cloud Foundation. Chabbra spoke with Mike Matchett, Principal Analyst and Founder of Small World Big Data (www.smallworldbigdata.com) at VMworld 2019.  

PKS is Real 

… And Varun Chhabra, VP of product marketing at Dell says, “not only is PKS real, [but] VCF On VxRail now [also] supports fully automated deployment off PKS-ready infrastructure. What that means is the IT ops team can now, using VCF, deploy PKS workload domains in an automated fashion, which means that all the developers that are banging on the door for a container ready environment to develop in, the IT Ops team is now gonna be able to support that in an automated fashion, have it be completely deployed, ready to go, enabling some of that self-service capabilities [sic].”


Further, at Dell Technologies World earlier in 2019, integration with VMware Cloud Foundation was announced, which, Chhabra says, “means you can do full life cycle management off the VxRail infrastructure using VMware Cloud Foundation. You don't need to go to another tool set to do patches, form where all bits, all of that stuff can be automated and deployed and managed using the VMware Cloud Foundation.”


Multiple Clouds? Goal: Ease of Use


Chhabra says, “cloud is all about automation, service delivery, right? It's about taking the best practices that cloud providers have built up, whether it's private cloud providers or public cloud providers, and making them easy to use. And that's really what we're trying to do here with this tight integration with VMware, Dell EMC, and Pivotal.”


Data Security Wherever You Are


“Data production is very, very critical for our customers,” says Chhabra. “The service solution that we brought to market now has Dell EMC data protection. We're taking that close relationship that we have with VMware and Dell EMC to protect all parts of the VMware cloud infrastructure over time. So no matter where you're taking your infrastructure with VMware, we want to be able to help support that.”

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