Rubrik on Data Protection for Containers & Sonar

Rubrik on Data Protection for Containers & Sonar

Rubrik at VMware 2019: New Product Announcements, and Tackling Data Protection and Containers

Protection vendor Rubrik recently announced Sonar, which allows data classification based on backup data as a service. They also have a new integration plugin with vCloud Director that makes it possible to “go purely HTML5 in the GUI [and] do everything you need to do as a service provider, or as a tenant of the service provider,” says Chris Wahl, chief technologist at Rubrik. (And they’re certified as VMware-ready for the integration.)

Rubrik also recently announced CDP (continuous data protection) for VMware VMs. It allows the ability to “continue to protect and recover your data within whatever time period you select,” says Rebecca Fitzhugh, principal technologist at Rubrik.

Is there a demand for continuous data protection? Fitzhugh says, “Some applications absolutely do not need this. But then for some business-critical applications, you do want to be able to recover down to the second at any point in time within, say, an eight-hour window — and with CDP, that allows you to do it because we're capturing that data from the source.” She adds that they are “using the vSphere APIs for I/O filtering, VAIO, as our vehicle to get that data. So it's the certified kind of VMware-blessed way to integrate into the I/O stream within the hypervisor and grab that data.”

In Closing, a Few Thoughts from Rubrik About Containers

Ms. Fitzhugh also talked about containers, Kubernetes, and the path they’ve followed. Rubrik is aware of the trends, and Mr. Wahl says there is “room to grow” for the Kubernetes community. They are also aware of the complexity of data protection and containers, but Ms. Fitzhugh closed the interview by saying, “We are watching very closely.”

Check out the full video here: Rubrik's Sonar at VMworld