Veritas: The Switzerland of IT

Veritas: The Switzerland of IT

Catching Up with Veritas at VMworld 2019


During VMworld 2019, Mike Matchett sat down with Jyothi Swaroop, VP of Global Marketing at Veritas, to ask him a few questions about the company and their current points of focus.


A Little Background on Veritas


Veritas is a software company that's been around for more than 30 years. They’ve thrived on IT infrastructure-related customer challenges and have provided solutions — namely data protection, storage availability and insights.


The “Switzerland of IT”


Swaroop says that in their 30-plus-year history, they’ve dealt with everything from mainframes to core applications to cloud. But they continue to be the “Switzerland for IT” They work for companies that are their competition, as well as cloud providers like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and virtualization providers like VMware. He says, “We will continue to play that open architecture card as far as our architecture is concerned. And from a go-to market standpoint, we will always be that forward-thinking, hybrid model company.”


As AI continues to evolve and software becomes more complex — despite continual promises of simplification — Veritas is focused on availability, protection, and insight for data, provided under a single platform. Swaroop says algorithm maturity is a key component.


In the interview, Swaroop also discusses hyperconvergence and Veritas’ role in the world of containers, where they’re currently focused on data protection.


In Closing


Swaroop encourages people to learn more about Veritas’ current offerings and the latest version of NetBackup (Veritas’ enterprise data backup and recovery solution optimized for multi-cloud) by visiting


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