Cloud Optimized Data Migration with Attunity

Cloud Optimized Data Migration with Attunity

Cloud Optimized Data Migration With Attunity 

In this video, Mike Matchett introduces how you get big data into the cloud and beyond. Through a discussion with Attunity’s Dan Potter (VP, Product Management & Marketing), the answers to some of the big questions around big data transfers and migration to cloud systems, like: ‘how is it processed?’; ‘how do you view it?’; and ‘how do you get the data from a to b?’ Check out the companion video to this summary here: Cloud Optimized Data Migration with Attunity.

Who is Attunity?

Having been doing real-time data movement for the best part of a decade Attunity is expert in the field of data migration and cloud optimization. Their roots go back to moving core transactional data into other databases/warehouses, and today they are the leading provider of solutions to moving data from core transactional systems where and when it is needed. 

Although data might be weightless, there are still challenges involved in its movement:

Impacting core processing: If you want to move data from core transactional systems, how can this be done in a way that does not impact the production systems’ core processing? Attunity ensures you do not have to install things on core transactional systems removing overhead to prevent negative impacts on core processing.

Networks: Network quality can lead to delays. If people want to take advantage of the cloud, how can data be moved from large core transactional systems when the traditional methods are cumbersome and unsuited for the cloud? Attunity captures changes as they occur, moving just system changes in log files, inserts, updates, and deletes, across the network, rather than batch uploading. This method is suitable for moving data to the cloud and real-time streaming.

Finding where to move it: If you want to move the data, where do you want to move it to? What do you want to do with the data once it gets there? What systems will you use to process it, analyze it, and view it? Attunity finds appropriate spaces and builds systems of action allowing users to view data in real-time using software like Hive, Redship, Snowflake etc.

Making it analytics ready: When moving data from legacy systems how can data be moved so that it is analytics ready, whilst ensuring transactional consistency and confidence that real-time analytics accurately reflect the status of the core transaction system? Attunity uses end-to-end automation to capture changes once from back-end systems, supporting the movement from a historical data store to a real-time ODS view and that same data can be rerouted into stream processing for real-time visualisation or decisioning. This is a one-to-many approach to data integration

Multiple cloud support:Why is multiple cloud support important? Attunity provides customers with the flexibility to capture an event from a transactional system once and routes it where and when it’s needed using an ‘architecture in motion approach’ to deal with rapidly evolving technology. They provide fluidity, cost brokering, competitive differentiation, re-architecture and new analytics in real-time, that is mastered, close to the source and verifiable.

Attunity also offers a comprehensive website with solution areas organized by technology or solution and a free trial available either on-prem or hosted on the cloud.