That Help You Gain the Upper Hand on the Bad Guys

10/27/2020 13:00:00 - 10/27/2020 14:00:00 -

What really makes a “strong” password? And why are your end-users tortured with them in the first place? How do hackers crack your passwords with ease? And what can/should you do about your authentication methods? For decades, end-users have born the brunt of the password tyranny, a result of the IT industries’ inability to engineer secure systems. Password complexity, length, and rotation requirements are the bane of your end-user experience and literally the cause of thousands of data breaches. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Join Roger Grimes, KnowBe4's Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, to find out what your password policy should be and learn about the common mistakes organizations make when creating password policy.

In this webinar you'll learn:

     ~ Why passwords are so easy to hack and how the bad guys do it

     ~ How to craft a secure, risk-focus password security policy

     ~ The truth about password managers and multi-factor authentication and how they impact your risk

     ~ How to empower your end users to become your best last line of defense


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