Overcoming Top Data Compliance Challenges in an Era of Digital Modernization

Overcoming Top Data Compliance Challenges in an Era of Digital Modernization

Digital modernization and the rapid adoption of cloud computing is continuing to accelerate. The modern IT landscape has become a complex web spread across various geographies—from the confines of on-premises data centers to massive hyperscale cloud en...

In an era of digital modernization with cloud computing, APIs, and AI -- as well as an ever-expanding digital threat landscape and increased regulatory scrutiny -- adhering to data privacy and information security legislation poses a formidable hurdle for most organizations. The convergence of technology, global data sharing, and evolving regulatory frameworks has created a complex problem for organizations to maintain data compliance.

Join Cloudflare’s Emily Hancock, Chief Privacy Officer, and Ling Wu, Sr Director of Security Compliance, as they discuss navigating these dynamics and their impacts on compliance including localization and privacy.


Topics covered include: 

  • What do we mean by digital modernization?
  • The data compliance challenges associated with AI and cloud
  • Implications on businesses and key considerations on how to combat compliance related risk
  • How businesses can ensure both sprawling cloud/SaaS/AI apps are protected as well as in compliance with privacy regulations

Presented by:

  • Emily Hancock
    Emily Hancock - Chief Privacy Officer, Cloudflare
    Emily Hancock is Chief Privacy Officer for San Francisco-based Cloudflare, Inc., where she provides strategic leadership on global data privacy issues, working cross-functionally with product, security, policy and legal teams to advance Cloudflare’s mission of helping to build a better Internet through privacy-first security, performance and reliability services. Emily has nearly 20 years of experience practicing data protection law. Before joining Cloudflare in 2018, Emily was Vice President, Legal at Evernote. Prior to that, Emily held positions at Yahoo and in private practice working on a wide variety of data protection matters.
  • Ling Wu
    Ling Wu - Sr Director Security Compliance, Cloudflare
    Ling Wu is the Sr. Director, Governance Risk and Compliance at Cloudflare. She is responsible for ensuring that customers can send their most sensitive data through Cloudflare’s products while meeting complex industry security and privacy standards  Prior to Cloudflare, Ling managed compliance programs at Box and Salesforce with a focus on building and maturing processes and products to be compliant with the ever changing regulatory landscape. She also served as a member of the technology advisory council at Mission Asset Fund. Ling is a graduate of San Jose State University and lives in San Francisco with her family.
  • Mike Matchett
    Mike Matchett - Principal Analyst, CEO, Small World Big Data
    Mike Matchett is Principal Analyst & CEO with Small World Big Data. Prior to that Mike worked as an industry analyst for Taneja Group and TechTarget. With more than 25 years of high-tech marketing and product management experience, Mike covers data center, cloud and big data segments predicting that all data will become big, all clouds hybrid, and the converged data center re-imagined from center to edge.

    Mike holds a BSEE from MIT and served as a Chief Intelligence Officer in the United States Air Force.