Cyber Criminals Only Have to be Right Once! How to be Ready for Them!

Cyber Criminals Only Have to be Right Once! How to be Ready for Them!

Learn how Veeam and Lenovo partner to deliver an end-to-end malware recovery solution with the step-by-step approach to ensure your ransomware resilience. June 8 1pm ETE

IT professionals have been inundated with ransomware fear tactics, but few discuss realistic actions to take to prepare for recovery from a cyber threat when, not if, one occurs. The reality is criminals only need to be right once to cause devastating damage to your environment. 

Join experts from ESG, Lenovo and Veeam to understand how to best prepare to mitigate the damage caused by a ransomware disaster. You will learn how: 

     ~ To reduce potential data loss, protect the backup environment, detect nefarious activity, and rapidly recover your environment while avoiding ransomware payment and/or crushing impact to your business
     ~ An integrated disaster recovery plan (including best practices) that you can test and execute is critical and allow you to sleep at night
     ~ Lenovo and Veeam offer unique integration to enable you to best prepare for an attack

Find out how Lenovo and Veeam partner to deliver end-to-end solutions that can help detect, minimize costs, and rapidly recover when ransomware does attack and infiltrate your environment.