360View: Storage for Containers, DNS Security, Intelligent Secure Access Controls

1) Flexible container & scale-out storage 2) Criticality of DNS security 3) Intelligent secure access control...everywhere

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Our 360View event is designed to look at 3 disruptive, important and compelling technologies and use cases. This month we take a closer look at:

Containerized applications bring a tremendous amount of promise to a host of new applications throughout a variety of industries. Legacy storage technology is not necessarily optimized to handle containerized applications, especially NAS storage. We're profiling iXSystems and their new technology in which the open ZFS file system is leveraged to place the storage requirement as close to the container and edge as possible. This opens a whole new world of possibilities to minimize data gravity and latency.

We're also going to take a closer look at the importance of DNS security and how little we think about it and how few resources we apply to it. Most IT shops don't have the manpower to keep DNS bulletproof and are vulnerable because of it. In this segment, we'll cover how BlueCat Networks makes DNS security within the reach of any organization.

Lastly, we'll take a look at zero trust identity access in a way that accommodates a flexible, remotely located workforce. We'll review a new company, Elisity, who will review perimeter access control and how highly distributed organizations can increase the level of access to data and applications without sacrificing security regardless of the network they're on.