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The Data Protection category contains the "Truth in Data Protection" events, webcasts and videos.


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    Truth in Cybersecurity: Endpoint Protection, Detection & Response Solutions

    By: Ekovox
    Date: 09/15/2021 13:00:00 - 09/15/2021 14:00:00
        Organizations looking for the most advanced security systems available need to stay updated on the latest endpoint detection and response capabilities. EDR solutions need to have strong filtering capabilities such as advanced filtering, threat bloc...

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    • Jul

      Engagement, Operations & Service Delivery: Localized Expertise...Global Reach

      By: Ekovox
      Date: 07/29/2021 13:00:00 - 07/29/2021 14:00:00
          Achieving global digital transformation is the goal of every successful enterprise, but the point of business engagement, operation, and service delivery most often depends on localized expertise. Many enterprises find it difficult to both scale an...
      • Jul

        Empowering Users Near & Far: The Secrets to Great VDI

        By: Ekovox
        Date: 07/22/2021 13:00:00 - 07/22/2021 14:00:00
        Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) helps deliver critical business apps and data to all users near and far. A great VDI implementation increases productivity, connects your workforce, and greatly extends your corporate reach. But setting up scalable ...
        • Jul

          The Best Ways to Stop Malware & Ransomware (That No One Else Will Tell You)

          By: Ekovox
          Date: 07/20/2021 13:00:00 - 07/20/2021 14:00:00
                                  With malware attacks on the rise, making sure you keep your organization safe from a costly breach is a top priority. The two best things you can do to stop malware and ransomware attacks are to figure out how malware is getting...
          • Jul

            Powering Up Productivity

            By: Ekovox
            Date: 07/14/2021 13:00:00 - 07/14/2021 14:00:00
                                      Virtual desktop solutions solve thorny IT challenges in delivering important business apps to distributed users. But power users need to run more powerful applications than desktops were designed to support. And with the adven...
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