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IT Professionals: We know your IT problems because we’ve had them ourselves.
Sponsors: We know your customer because we are your customer.

What we do

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Why Choose Us?

We are a boutique publishing company run by IT professionals that is able to do things others can't.


Real-world bloggers & speakers

We have bloggers and speakers from today's toughest IT environments. You can't get more real-world than us.

High-quality video material

Our videos include interviews of industry thought leaders and vendors, and even fun music videos!

Marketing Automation Technology

Allows us to target content to the right user, and provide pre-qualified leads to sponsors.

Independent Educational Content

Our independent experts consistently present high-quality educational material praised by our viewers.

Technology Vertical Websites

From to other verticals, we provide complete coverage of a technological area.

Live Audience Polling

Allows seminar attendees to see real-time results and gives our sponsors the most qualified data in the industry.

Contact Us

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Truth in IT

Truth in IT is a media and publishing company founded in 2010 by W. Curtis Preston (aka, Mr. Backup). We offer a multitude of seminars, webinars and videos that are all free to qualified end users. Our revenue primarily comes from sponsorship of these events, and sponsors are given the registration information of those who register for these events.