Odaseva: Backup Your SaaS Data


It is a common misconception that SaaS providers backup their customer's data. Although they are responsible for the infrastructure, the host network, the configuration, and the security of the application, the customer is responsible for the data they put into the platform, the endpoint access, and the user accounts. Most companies today are only prepared to recover 50% of their data that lives in SaaS platforms, and many companies are not backing up this data. Odaseva is helping IT teams resolve these concerns by providing powerful backup, restore and archiving tools focused on SaaS data. Odaseva has architected its process and technology with data security in mind by providing user controls and encryption.

Dave Horton, VP Solutions Engineering with Odaseva, sits down with Mike Matchett, Analyst with Small World Big Data, to discuss the importance of backing up data that lives in SaaS platforms, and they dive deep into the Salesforce use case.