Equalum: Tier 1 Change Data Capture


The ability to move data faster and get it where it needs to go is critical to the success of most businesses. It is easier said than done, given all the changes in the IT environment, new tools get adopted, algorithms change, new features and functionality are added, etc. IT teams are constantly challenged with ensuring the flow of their data is optimized. Enter CDC – Change Data Capture. Equalum has developed a technology that delivers Tier 1 CDC capabilities, which is not just listening to the data but also looking into the logs, the O’s and 1’s, and translating it into changes. With CDC, you can achieve very high throughput, low latency, and low overhead on the system.

Guy Eilon, CEO with Equalum, sat down with Mike Matchett, Analyst with Small World Big Data, to discuss the importance of CDC achieving real-time data movement, the value of a Tier 1 solution, and how they are delivering their technologies to their customers.