Using vs. Building IT Infrastructure (with Maxta) | Truth in IT: Enterprise Tech via Video

A video interview with Maxta about their latest developments in hyperconverged infrastructure to help simplify and consolidate the IT stack so companies spend less time integrating and more time leveraging IT for their business goals.

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Using vs. Building IT Infrastructure (with Maxta)

Published by: Ekovox
Date: 12/21/2018
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Bring together siloed stacks of infrastructure, storage servers, sometimes networking and even some other layers going up the stack. Converge them together into one solution to make IT simpler, to make infrastructure simpler, to make management simpler, and to really help folks that are having to look at and use that infrastructure to focus more on business value vs integrating parts and maintaining different parts. This is an interview with longtime hyper convergence vendor, Maxta, with Kiran Sreenivasamurthy, the V.P. of Product Management to learn what Maxta is up to now with their latest features and news.