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Truth in IT announces a partnership with ESG. Our supplier clients will leverage ESG's analyst research led by Christophe Bertrand. Our end user IT audience will be exposed to new insights gleaned from ESG's research into the data protection space.

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Truth in IT & ESG Webcast Collaboration

Published by: Ekovox
03/25/2020 10:03:19


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Truth in IT & Enterprise Strategy Group Announce Partnership

Truth in IT & ESG collaborate to create research driven, analyst-led video webcasts.

Boston, MA: Truth in IT today announced a new partnership with ESG in the data protection space. This partnership will help both our supplier clients and end user community gain multiple benefits. For our suppliers they'll be able to leverage ESG's analyst research led by Christophe Bertrand, Sr. Analyst, in the data protection space. They'll also gain the benefit of having one of the world's foremost leaders and voices in data protection market research help decipher and optimize their market opportunity. The Truth in IT community of end users will be exposed to new insights gleaned from Christophe and his research team with respect to data protection technologies and best practices.

“We are excited to grow our relationship with Christophe and ESG. Their research into the data protection space can greatly influence the decisions our end user IT audience makes. We want to help our audience make the most informed investment decisions possible and we believe our video webcasts can be a major asset in their due diligence,” says David Littman, CEO at Truth in IT.

“We believe our partnership with Truth in IT will quickly and efficiently help IT leaders get the information they need to make the most informed decisions,” says Christophe Bertrand, Sr. Analyst at ESG.

The benefits of this new partnership include.

     ~ Video webcasts will include independent research created by ESG

     ~ Data protection companies throughout the space are invited to collaborate

     ~ Christophe Bertrand will lead the discussion and assist the engagement between data protection companies and the Truth in IT end user community.

About Truth in IT: Truth in IT is an independent publisher of video and video webcasts and related content designed to help our audience of end user IT professionals make more informed investment decisions. Our goal is to educate all players in the decision-making process because every investment decision involves multiple stakeholders, each with their own unique success factors. Our webcasts try to address the gaps between where IT professionals are today vs. where they think they should be today, with respect to their IT infrastructure.

About Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG): ESG's research and advisory services help accelerate their clients' engineering, marketing, and sales success via their comprehensive library of market research and network of expert analysts. ESG's strategic consulting helps their clients gain a deeper understanding of technology trends to capitalize more effectively on market dynamics and to position their organizations to capture emerging opportunities. ESG's custom content helps their clients Increase awareness, educate customers, gain share, and become a market leader with compelling marketing content developed by ESG experts.

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