Data Storage Practices for Life Science Workflows

Published by: Ekovox
05/10/2016 14:30:00 - 05/10/2016 16:00:00 -

May 10, 11:30AM PT (14:30PM ET)  Unchecked data growth and sprawl have profound impact on life science workflows.  As data volumes continue to grow, researches and IT leaders face increasingly difficult decisions about how to manage this data yet keep the storage budget in check.

Learn how these challenges can be overcome through active data management and leveraging cloud technology.  The concepts will be applied to an example architecture that supports both genomic and bioimaging workflows.

Hear from Ilkay Altintas, Ph.D, Chief Data Scinence Officer, SDSC; David Hiatt, Health & Life Sciences and Phil Sciuto, Director of Solutions Architecture, both of HGST.

Watch the livestream here:  Data Storage Best Practices for Life Science Workflows

10100 Hopkins Drive, San Diego, CA 92093

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