10 mins: w. XIO Storage's CEO Bill Miller | Truth in IT: Enterprise Tech via Video

Join this mini webcast, no registration required, and learn about their unique tuneable de-dupe solution in their all flash arrays. Join here: https://www.truthinit.com/index.php/channel/32/10-min-xstreaminar/

join, this, mini, webcast, no, registration, required, and, learn, about, their, unique, tuneable, de-dupe, solution, in, their, all, flash, arrays, join, here, https//www, truthinit, com/index, php/channel/32/10-min-xstreaminar/


10 mins: w. XIO Storage's CEO Bill Miller

Published by: Ekovox
05/10/2018 14:00:00 - 05/10/2018 14:15:00 -

Join Bill Miller, CEO XIO Storage for this 10 min mini-webcast to learn about their approach to all flash arrays and tuneable de-dupe. With Mike Matchett. Join us, no registration required. Login here on Thurs, May 10 @ 2pm ET: https://www.truthinit.com/index.php/channel/32/10-min-xstreaminar/

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