Truth in Storage: Managing Exponential Growth in Unstructured Data With Distributed File Systems & Object Storage

Published by: Ekovox
03/17/2022 13:00:00 - 03/17/2022 14:30:00 - Upcoming

In this webcast we’ll explore some of the leading distributed file systems and object storage solutions designed to help manage exponential growth in unstructured data. With a 60+% annual growth rate, unstructured data is still expected to comprise over 90% of all data by 2023. The ability to manage this growth threatens to overwhelm IT’s ability to manage it. In this webcast we’ll explore:

     ~ How distributed & parallel file systems and object storage can help manage exponential growth

     ~ How to apply workflows centrally with global compliance & cybersecurity

     ~ How these solutions help with disaster resilience, data protection and storage optimization

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