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We have a number of different types of ExecEvents. Below is a quick summary, followed by a listing of events coming up in the next several months.

Secondary Storage Summit

Nov 18-19, 2014 in Boston

Cloud. Backup. Archive. Disaster Recovery. Tape. Copy Data. Cold Storage. Optical. Snapshots. Secondary Storage; where does it all end? For that matter, where do you even begin? Secondary storage is all about integration, scale, and performance. But with so many options presenting themselves, it’s difficult to discern how to best utilize all the new technology.

This summit is designed to promote the entire secondary storage industry as well as to learn and discuss how vendors can create more cohesive, unified messaging. We will focus on the business & marketing issues secondary storage vendors face and also discuss the recent mergers and acquisitions and what they mean to the marketplace moving forward.

At the Secondary Storage Summit we’ll talk about the future of enterprise storage, and the many questions and concerns about it. We are at an inflection point for this technology and this summit will attract an audience of industry executives...and qualified end users.

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Truth in IT is a media and publishing company founded in 2010 by W. Curtis Preston (aka, Mr. Backup). We offer a multitude of seminars, webinars and videos that are all free to qualified end users. Our revenue primarily comes from sponsorship of these events, and sponsors are given the registration information of those who register for these events.